If you want to hit the golf ball further with less effort, less chance of injury and to hit it straighter more consistently, then listen up because I have the golf tip you’ve been searching for!

Most golfers don’t realize that 2/3’s of their club head speed comes from just the release of their wrists. This uncocking and unhinging of the wrists happens at great speed in the swing and allows the golf club to accelerate from only 22mph  to over 90mph in only three feet for the typical tour pro with a 6 iron.

Think about that for one moment, the golf club is going to more than quadruple in speed in only three feet! No  amount of shoulder or hip spinning will accelerate the club that fast in such a short span of time and distance.

Therefore, I always refer to the golfer’s thesis statement is to:

Create, Maintain and RELEASE lag.

That’s your job description and it’s the most important fundamental of the golf swing.

Great! But how do I learn how to do it?

Glad you asked! Check out this golf instruction video of mine on my YouTube golf instruction channel.

Once you understand what causes you to throw away lag, it becomes easier to focus on the things that help you maintain it. Maintaining lag late in to the golf downswing is critical because that’s the only time you need lag in the golf swing.

It does absolutely no good to have lag during the takeaway or even backswing. You can and should set your wrists during the downswing as much as you do during the backswing and this is where most amateur golfers blow it.

Instead of maintaining lag in the downswing, they immediately throw it away from the top with a pushing motion from the right hand that ends up destroying the entire sequence.

If you focus on your these statement I gave you above and then work on the Rotary Golf Swing 5 Step Sequence, you’ll create more lag than you know what to do with and begin to hit the ball further and straighter than ever before!

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