Everyone wants to hit the golf ball like the pros with complete control over spin, distance and trajectory. Controlling the curvature of the ball seems like a pipe dream for most amateur golfers but in this AWESOME video series you can learn the secrets of the pros to shape the ball like never before. Check out the golf ball striking video series here.

Video 1 starts with the most important golf swing fundamental – Controlling Impact. This online golf instruction video gives you a very simple drill that will teach you how to have complete control over the club face at impact.

Video 2 builds on what you learned in video 1 by teaching you how to hit the golf ball very low. Most amateur golfers flip the club at impact, so this will feel like you’re doing the exact opposite of what you’re used to doing.

Video 3 teaches you how to hit a controlled high shot

Golf instruction videos 4 and 5 are all about drawing and fading the ball with control and precision. You’ll learn how to hit a 2 yard draw or a 10 yard draw at your discretion.

The next two days combine the golf instruction videos from days 2-5 and teach you how to high and low draws and fades.

Next, it’s on to the driver. If you want to hit a perfect baby draw or fade with the driver, this video is a must watch.

Finally, on Day 9 you’ll learn a fun golf swing drill to put it all together so you can practice your new shots every time you head to the course!

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