If you’re serious about golf, then winter must be your favorite time of year.


Yep, for any serious golfer looking to improve his golf swing there is no better time than the winter months. That’s because you can finally focus on doing the core body movements correctly without being worried about what that damn golf ball is doing!

Using the golf ball as your primary feedback mechanism is the best way to ensure that you’re going to frustrate the hell out of yourself. It’s like being a dog chasing his tail. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

The golf ball is the most erratic part of golf. Think about it. Even the pros spray the golf ball all over the place. How lost are YOU going to be if you’re only paying attention to what the golf ball is telling you?

You need to focus on what YOU are doing – i.e. how your body is moving. That’s the most important part of the golf swing, after all, it’s the body that moves the club and the club that hits the ball – in that order.

So, you should be focusing on things in that order.

If your body moves correctly, the club will go where you want it to and then the ball will go where you want it to!

That’s what Rotary Swing Golf is all about. We teach you how to move your body first, the way it was designed to move powerfully, safely and efficiently.

And, the best time to do that – you guessed it! – winter time.

You can focus on your movements in front of a mirror with zero distractions and you’ll achieve much quicker results.

Take a look at this student working through our Winter Golf Training Program golf swing drills and making huge progress:

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